Easy cheesy tortilla pizzas 🍕

Easy cheesy tortilla pizzas 🍕

Have you ever put off making something because you think there’s too many steps involved or it’s just more convenient to buy ready made. Well I kid you not, these Cheesy tortilla pizzas are the easiest things to make and they only take seconds to prep and minutes in the oven.

Recipe and method

Easy Cheesy Tortilla pizzas


  • 1 carton of Passata (you can use any pizza base you want)
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Tortilla wraps (1/2, one large one fed my 2 toddlers)

Above is your basic recipe but now you can add any topping you want.

  • Mini cocktail sausages cut up
  • Sweet corn (straight from frozen)


Pre-heat oven while your prepping your tortilla pizzas. Place your tortillas flat out on a baking sheet, spread on thinly your pizza base, then toppings of your choice and finally add your cheese! (For extra zing maybe try topping with Worcestershire sauce)

And that’s it, they’re as simple as that, my boys also love olives and fresh tomatoes so I’ll be adding that next time with some defrosted chicken slices.

I served mine with sweet potato fries and fresh tomato

All ingredients used are from Aldi and the total price of everything bought wasn’t much at all, so I definitely recommend shopping at Aldi to get the most out of your food shop. I can fill my trolley for about £70 every fortnight or so and that feeds myself and my two boys, partner on weekends

Let me know if you try these out, bare in mind these are more flimsy than actual pizza bases but hey still tasty! 😋

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11 thoughts on “Easy cheesy tortilla pizzas 🍕

    1. Oh yes you should definitely give them a go. And I hear ya, my nearly 3 year old has turned so fussy with his food lately but pizza and pasta is definitely a fave of his!

  1. That’s such a good idea! So much easier for little teeth to munch through. Will have to give it a go. X

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