Do I want more children?

Do I want more children?

The short answer – YES! I couldn’t imagine Logan being an only child, and i wouldn’t want him to be, I’m not saying I want loads of children but maybe 3 kids is a nice number, I don’t know when these other 2 babies are going to happen but I do know that I don’t want a huge age gap as I think it would be nice for Logan to grow up with a brother or sister and have similar interests and play with the same toys, as opposed to one playing on the PlayStation and the other wanting to play Lego for example.

Me and Rob haven’t really discussed when we’re going to be trying for #2 but I’m sure at some point after the new year we will be talking about it, I’m not too sure what age gap would be best, but whatever happens it’s going to be a lot more challenging/rewarding with the second baby, whether there 5 months apart or 10.

Obviously having to go through those dreaded contractions and the morning sickness isn’t fun at all, but to get a super sweet angel baby at the end of it is definitely worth it! And the unconditional love you feel and that rush of love, is like no other!

The day we came home

I’m not saying I want to get pregnant again now, but if it where to happen I wouldn’t be sad, I’d be scared, yes because you think how can I cope with 2 babies but I’m sure its possible I mean loads of women have babies closer together, and my logic is, if you have your babies earlier, you can get all them horrible sleepless nights out of the way sooner rather than having a child who sleep through and then all of a sudden going back to sleepless nights, feels like it would be a lot more difficult in my opinion.

Please let me know your thoughts on this subject, and what age gap you think is best between siblings?

Thanks for reading.

Keep smiling 😄 ~mummytologan.

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