*Day Out* British Ironworks Center – Oswestry

*Day Out* British Ironworks Center – Oswestry

*Day Out* British Ironworks Center – Oswestry - If you've ever wanted to see a lifesize model of the Transformer Bumblee, or know how much it would cost you to take home a hand crafted ironwork sculpture of a Giraffe then this is the place for you!!!

Today was a good day, it started off as a pretty average morning of cereal, cbeebies and me or rob saying where bored. Then we got a call from my in laws asking if we want to go along with them and Logans auntie, uncle and his 3 cousins, to the British Ironworks Center in Oswestry, we were like “sure sounds fun”.#PerfectBloggingOpportunity

And the best part about our day was that it was completely FREE!

The first thing that caught our attention was this huge Transformer Bumblebee statue made from recycled motorbike parts, got to say the little kiddies loved this one, Logan wasn’t sure he looked a bit confused half the time we were there bless him!

Robbie wanted a picture with this Alien sculpture from the movie franchise “Alien”. If you wanted to buy this sculpture it would set you back nearly £8,000.

This was my personal favourite Ironwork, this huge giraffe sculpture, Robbie took these two images for me as Logan wanted to walk around on his reigns so I was walking him. Who would love this in the back garden?


I got to admit, I can’t stand spiders, but I felt pretty safe in the fact that this one was not going to come to life and attack us all! #EightLeggedFreaks!

This statue was called the Knife Angel, as you can imagine this must have taken absolutely ages to make, and to gather all them knives, but the finished result is amazing, pretty creepy though.

There absolutely loads of iron sculptures, didn’t even get round them all, but here is what else they had, obviously they were animals as you know i love animals, real or not 😛

There was lots to see and it was a rather large place to explore, not exactly pram friendly with all the grassy areas and stones but nonetheless was a lovely day out and we all had a good time, followed by a mcdonalds at Chirk.

So if you’re ever around the Oswestry area, I reccomend you go check this place out, here is a link to there website and facebook page if you want to see what its all about.

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