Day in the life of a young mum of an 11 month old boy!

Day in the life of a young mum of an 11 month old boy!

So today I thought I would share with you, my day in the life with an 11-month-old baby. Logan will be 11 months old on Wednesday, but he’s closer to 11 months than 10 so thought I’d make this post now.

As mentioned In Logan’s blw schedule post, I asked if anyone would like to see what sort of stuff we get up to now that Logan’s is on the move and starting to take his first unaided steps. As well as sharing what activities we get up to, I will also share a step by step schedule of what our general day looks like for me as a 24-year-old mum with 2 cats.

So Logan usually wakes me up at around 6.30am, at this point I know he won’t want to fall back asleep so I bring him into my room so we can chill in bed watching Little baby bum on YouTube until around 7 am and we go downstairs and I pop him in his jumperoo in front of the telly while I make his first bottle of the day which is normally 8/9 ounces and feed the 2 cats (whiskas there favorite).

After he’s finished drinking his bottle I’ll get him dressed for the day and then let him have a play on the floor while I clean the living room from the mess that was made the night before. After I’ve cleaned I’ll sit on the floor with Logan and do basic learning like 3 letter words, getting him to walk with his walker or reading him some of his books (by the company Hinkler).

Then at around 9.30 am its time for Logan’s breakfast, which could consist of toast with dairylea, pieces of fruit (apple, grapes, banana), and a baby yoghurt, he’ll also have some diluted fruit juice, water or cow’s milk in his beaker at this time.

At 10-10.30 am he’ll have his first nap which usually lasts around 1-2 hours in his cot but I’ll admit I do let him nap on me sometimes, especially when I’m having a bad day and just want to cuddle him.

When he wakes up from his nap, we’ll just sit upstairs in his room for a bit until he’s fully awake and he’ll play with his ball pool balls or pull out all the numbers from his foam play mat (which isn’t too fun to put back together). Then we’ll come back downstairs and he’ll play in his play area or watch Cbeebies for about an hour or if were going to town, this is when we’d usually make a move to catch the train.

In-between 11 and 12 he’ll have a little snack, could be fruit, half a rusk, Kiddylicious wafers or some cheese, and then come lunch time he’ll have anything that I’m having, like tuna sandwiches (without butter), eggs (scrambled, boiled, omelette). Or if I’m in the mood I’ll whip up some banana pancakes, which I’ve written a recipe for on my blog, aswell as his lunch I’ll offer him a beaker of water cold as this is the only way he’ll drink it.

Once we’ve finished lunch, its playtime again, so I’ll get out his mega blocks, play roll the ball and he goes to fetch It, he’ll have a little walk about using his walker or I’ll help him take some steps which he has started doing successfully in the past week. If Logan’s in a playful mood or is just bored of his usual toys I’ll break out the pots and pans and he can have a good half an hour hitting them. (A lot of the stuff we do hasn’t changed much from when I wrote the how to entertain an 8-month-old.

Around 2 pm I may take Logan for a walk in his pram around the block or to see our next door neighbours who are the loveliest old couple ever! So shout out to Pauline and Emlyn up the road! X He’ll also have another bottle at this time, usually 7 ounces.

His 2nd nap of the day is hit or miss, sometimes he’ll take the nap around 3 pm which is a shorter nap, around half an hour to an hour and other days he point blank refuses to take this 2nd nap.

Its tea time for Logan now, which consists of pretty much anything that we’re having, he’s really not fussy, but his favourite meal is Spag Bol as its messy and he just loves slurping up the spaghetti! I’ll offer him water or diluted fruit juice with his tea as well, for pudding, he’ll have some fruit or a yoghurt, or both depending on how hungry he is. (Feed the cats again and replace water).

After tea, it’s time to get him in his pyjamas and we’ll have a super long play session to tire him out, that includes getting him to chase me across the living room, playing chase the ball, mega blocks or just letting him bounce in his Jumperoo. After he’s had a nice long play, we’ll just relax watching the telly, he loves the CBeebies bedtime hour, especially In the night garden.

6-6.30 pm he’ll have another bottle, around 8 ounces which will usually make him sleepy and ready for bed at 7-30 pm (on a good day) but on a bad day its 8-9pm! During the night he will wake up a couple times for his dummy, comfort or a dream feed.

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, feel free to share it, and pin it to your favourite boards. 🙂 


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  1. How do you find Logsn is with his walker on your floorboards? We have floorboards rather than carpet and I worry that Isla will just go flying with her walker as there is no friction to slow it down.

  2. What a happy little boy. You obviously love him very much and work hard to take very good care of him. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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