Damn you sleep regression!

Damn you sleep regression!

Sleep regressions, that’s one thing I wish someone had told me about before I had my son. Or better yet let me know about the Wonder Weeks app sooner, I’m so grateful to @mummytodex for first introducing me to that app over on Instagram when our babies were a few months old.

I’m not going to lie these past couples of months have been tough, the thought of having another month of these sleepless nights is daunting and I can never be prepared enough, no matter how many bedtime massages or how many times I sing twinkle twinkle little star, the fact is my baby just doesn’t want to sleep.

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From the moment Logan was born until about 16 weeks he used to be a perfect sleeper, and we thought we were the luckiest parents in the world; in fact, we had to wake him for feeds most of the time! But then the first Leap occurred and then teething and all other developmental milestones hit and then his sleep spiralled out of control and we were back to waking up what seemed like every couple of hours.

Approaching 6 months old I thought it was time to put L to sleep in his own room since the recommended age is 6 months old, I was dreading it was slightly emotional too, as some of you mummies and daddies may relate, it feels slightly odd and strange not seeing them sleep right next to you for the first couple of nights, but to my surprise, he slept much better and we all got much better quality of sleep.

Morning after logan was in own room
The morning after logan slept in his own room

We are currently in Leap 6 which is also known as The World of Categories, and is also where the 8-10 month sleep regression takes place, all because his little brain is processing all the new skills like crawling, standing and taking everything in, putting things like bananas and carrots into the food category and cats and dogs into animals category. I mean I can understand it is overwhelming for anything to have to learn so much from scratch, but I don’t get why it affects their night sleep so much, I mean he naps just fine during the day!

The worst kind of sleep for me has got to be broken sleep, you know that feeling when you’ve just drifted off into a deep slumber and your partner nudges you, “babe..he’s up” and inside your screaming and on the outside you feel and look like a zombie, those 2 and 4 am wake ups are the worst.

Logan does however have his good nights, we’re he’ll go to bed around half 7 and then he might wake up for his dummy at around 11  pm, sometimes dream feed before 1 am, and we won’t hear him again until about 6-7 am the next morning, but these nights are so very few and far between.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one struggling with this sleep regression, don’t get me wrong I love the cuddles but i just want to have one night where i can just sleep undisturbed! But fair play to Rob, if he’s off work he will let me have a lie in! (So thank you, baby, appreciate it loads)

Mummy and son timeBut despite all the sleep deprivation and bags under the eyes, I couldn’t be happier with my life than how it is right now. From time to time I may see a wee little newborn and feel a tad bit broody but then I look back at my son and think, One day you will make the best big brother!

If you want to check out the Wonder Weeks for yourself then you can do, they have a website and other social media so click here to find out more about them. (Honestly, this app has saved my bacon many a time since Logan’s been born)

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

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