The most common phobia – Yep I have it #Blogtober2017

The most common phobia – Yep I have it #Blogtober2017

The most common phobia - Yep I have it #Blogtober2017

This year I thought it would be super exciting to take part in #Blogtober2017 if you don’t know what that is, then hop along to Hexmum’s blog (Mandi) and you can take a looksie. I have also decided that I’m going to go all Stealth mode with these posts, as i don’t want to spam my homepage with blogtober, but don’t worry I’m still taking part! – You can also click on my blogtober image in the sidebar.

Day 16 of Blogtober is about Phobias. When I say phobia, it doesn’t actually mean a lot to me because I wouldn’t exactly say I have a phobia, but I just have a really strong dislike towards them and by them I mean spiders. And i’m pretty sure it is one of the most common phobias in the world.

You see, looking at photos of spiders doesn’t bother me at all, i suppose that’s because i know they’re not going to jump out of the screen, or crawl past me while i’m typing (Actively looking around feet incase i’ve jinxed it!). Does anyone else do that with a spider phobia? Always looking around them incase they spot one.

Spider phobia
Definitely NOT my Photo!

I kid you not in the past week i must have seen about 4 of those really ugly, huge house spiders, one even crawled right past my arm as i was playing Animal Crossing, it was bloody huge. If i see anything bigger that the one pictured, i swear i’m evacuating the country lol.

I also really hate Moths, i don’t know what it is about them but the way they have no regard of your existence and just fly straight at you, and most of them are huge and creepy! Does anyone else not like Moths, or is it just me?


I’d love to hear your phobia stories, have you come face to face with your phobia/fear how have you tackled it, or haven’t you?


Until tomorrow’s blog post (Prompt is Quotes) – cya x


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