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I actually came across Cub Hub UK on twitter during one my #babybantzchat twitter conversations and they were mentioned, so I thought i would check them out and one of the ladies over on clubhubuk on twitter messaged me and asked if i wanted to write a review of their website/service, so i thought i would grab that opportunity because any chance i get to get my blog out there and noticed is great and i should say that all opinions given are entirely my own and I would not endorse this service if i didn’t believe in it.

So what is Club hub UK, you ask?

Club Hub Uk is your one-stop shop for all things fun and games, they are a service which lets you find all the activities that are available for your little ones in the area. Are you one of those parents who dread the summer holidays and worrying that your kids are going to get bored and destructive? Well then Club Hub UK is your salvation and using the Club Hub UK app, you can easily find and book activities for your kids, whether they’re newborns or 18 years.

What if I’m a club owner?

Well, then that’s fine too because you can simply sign up here and register your club. As long as you meet the eligibility guidelines which you can read up on via the above link. So if you have a fabulous club and want more local parents to know about you, then this is the app for you.


So what are you waiting for? Download the Club Hub UK app now, available on both Android and IOS.


You can find out more about Club Hub UK here;





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