Chicken pox and a 1 year old :'(

Chicken pox and a 1 year old :'(

Apologise for the long delay and the mish mash of blog posts, well non-existent blog posts recently, I can only put it down to lack of motivation and sleep.

So I’m not sure how many of you know but the last few weeks have been a blooming rollercoaster and poor little logibear has been dealt a shitty hand with illness. One week he just came out in what we thought was a heat rash, and so we took him a long for his 1 year injections, we got the doctors opinion and he didn’t even mention chicken pox so we just went ahead with the injections. A few days later we noticed that there were more of these red spots along with a measles rash which we knew would happen as it was a reaction to the mmr vaccine he had.

We decided something wasn’t right as he was crying and clingy all day constantly itching so we made another doctor’s appointment, this revelation shocked us as we were told something totally different by the first doctor as he just said it may be viral or something, but this doctor we saw indeed confirmed it was chicken pox and so we went and bought some calamine lotion, I just can’t believe how incompetent some doctors are and we felt so guilty and bad for even letting him have his injections!

It’s now been what feels like forever and he still has itchy episodes and still some red spots on his face and back and you can still feel what was the measles rash (tiny raised bumps) not only has his sleep regressed so bad and his now back to waking nightly every couple hours for cuddles, milk, anything he just protests being but back to bed, and with the current climate situation it must be so bad for him as he just wants to itch even more, but we’ve been giving him Piriton and lotion but he screams bloody murder when we try to give him any sort of medicine via syringe, I’m at a loss and don’t know how else to get him to take it.

I also think he may be  going through the 1 year sleep regression too so that doesn’t help, and waking up at 5/6 am every day is a bloody nightmare but I know it’s not his fault, I just wish there was more I could do for him.

Thankfully he is doing much better and is getting back to his cheeky chappy self and laughs more everyday. I love him so much! <3 xxx


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