Brush Baby Product *Review*

Brush Baby Product *Review*

Ever since Logan’s 1st tooth popped in iv’e been trying to get him used to the sensation of having his teeth cleaned, even with no toothpaste on so he could just play with it and get feel for it but as he became more of a toddler he has been so difficult and refusing to let me brush them.

So after a while I got in contact with Brush Baby about the trouble i’ve had and they kindly replied saying that they’d send me some prouducts for me to try in exchange for a review, so here goes.

Dental Wipes – First off we tried the Dental wipes and I made a little video showing how Logan reacted to me using them, and actually he really liked it, i suppose it was because it tasted like banana – his favourite fruit. They are really easy to use and logan seemed to like them and didn’t mind but he did bite my finger a few times, not sure if I’d use them everyday but they would be great for going on holiday.


Applemint toothpaste – Initially we tried this on the regular baby toothbrush that they sent us and he seemed to like the taste but I still had a hard time actually getting to brush his little nashers, because he’s so stubborn (bit like me) and would rather bite the end of the brush than move it around his teeth. I haven’t anything negative to say about this toothpaste.




BabySonic Electronic toothbrush – I’m really impressed with how this toothbrush performed, I was quite sceptical at first only because I didn’t think Logan would like the sensation of the brush when its on, but he actually loved it and he looks forward to his teeth being brushed now, somedays he’s a bit stubborn and wants to do it himself.





You can find more Brush Baby products by clicking on the link here.

*I definitely recommend trying some of Brush Baby’s prouducts if you haven’t already. As always all my opinions and thoughts are my own, however the images have been taken from Google as I dont have sufficient lighting to take good quality images*

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