Braving Soft play with a 9 month old

Braving Soft play with a 9 month old

The moment Logan started becoming more agile and moving around independently, i.e. crawling, I was going round in my head, what we can do with him to keep him entertained now that, mummies lap is no longer a viable option (unless tired). Then I noticed some mummies blogging about soft play centres, so I was straight onto Google finding out where my nearest soft play centre was, and luckily there is one not too far from Wrexham’s town centre, so that’s pretty awesome.

The first time I took Logan to soft play, my mum came with us and it was nothing like I remembered from the last time I went there, it was packed for starters and there was a section for older and younger kids/babies. Which i was grateful for because it wouldn’t have been any good for Logan if he had to be mixed with all the older kids who don’t care who they run into.

When I first walked into the babies section Logan didn’t know where to look as there were so many bright colours and younger children in every direction, but to my surprise he did not get overwhelmed and really enjoyed it, and it was good for me because i didn’t have to worry about him banging his head with everywhere being made up of soft padding.

Another thing I love about bringing Logan to soft play is the fact he gets knackered out from it all, and sleeps like a dream all the way home and then wakes up in the best mood – the best thing about Logan at this age is he can’t really through a tantrum when it comes time to go home which i suppose is why a lot of mums and dads fear the soft play!

More recently, as mentioned in my living arrows week 9 post, I said that me and rob took Logan along to soft play again, as rob didn’t come last time i wanted to show him what it was like and how much Logan was enjoying it and its not just enjoyed by older children.

Just some of the pictures taken while at soft play
There are only a couple of negative things i have to touch upon, 1 being that some of the parents do not keep an eye on their children, as there were these two lads about 6/7 years old in the babies section of the soft play and they started chucking large toys like the one logan is playing with in the picture above, and made me very cross as it could have hit Logan, i didn’t say anything to the kids but i was so close to saying stop chucking the toys please!

The second negative is the bloody prices of the food and drinks at soft play, why so goddamn expensive? Hardly a 5star restaurant so what’s the reason behind the excessive charges, i understand that they need to make money and it is cheap for an under 1 to play there but still, I’d rather take my own food.

If you’re curious or you live around the Wrexham area then, the centre I go to is called Round The Twist, Wrexham. – Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with soft play, do you like soft play and how much do they charge for your children to play at your local centre?

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