Blogging Hiatus

Blogging Hiatus

If you’re reading this , you’ll probably already know what I’m about to say but yes, I’ve been very quiet lately on my blog for many reasons , being a solo parent to 2 kids under 3 is TOUGH, every month I get reminded that I should probably update my blog when the £7.99 or whatever it is a month comes out for hosting this site, but I don’t get round it … just thinking about the marketing side to it all, sharing my post to a million and one plAces, making it exciting and pin worthy, it’s just a bit overwhelming at times, and with my laptop broken I’m using my mobile as we speak which isn’t ideal.

I’ve come close to quitting so many times I am not gonna lie, partly because I’m seeing no return on my efforts previously and I don’t want to blog about what my kids eat anymore because let’s be frank I don’t always have time to photograph the food I make them , because most days it’s beige , and corn on the cobs as Logan’s really fussy at the moment … I’ve thought about writing about what sully eats but I have no interest in blw writing anymore..

So this is me saying I’m taking an official break , atleast until I can get some sort of backlog of blog post titles and content ideas because currently I have no idea where I want my blog to go ..I mean I’ started talking about my love life and dating which by the way is still going very well, very good indeed.. but I’ve decided I wanna keep my love life off here for the time being to save humiliating my love.

If you have any words of wisdom at all, then please do hit me up 🤙

Thank you and I hope to see you all soon 🤘🏻

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