Blackpool zoo #blogtober2017

Blackpool zoo #blogtober2017

This year I thought it would be super exciting to take part in #Blogtober2017 if you don’t know what that is, then hop along to Hexmum’s blog (Mandi) and you can take a looksie. I have also decided that I’m going to go all Stealth mode with these posts, as i don’t want to spam my homepage with blogtober, but don’t worry I’m still taking part! – You can also click on my blogtober image in the sidebar.

Day 26 of Blogtober is about the Zoo! In todays post i thought i would share with you some photos from my day at Blackpool zoo with my family and Logan when he was a teeny tiny newborn. I don’t have the best photos as the phone i took them on was rubbish!

Logan fast asleep, totally unaware of where he his!

Aww seeing this photo brings back so many memories, and reminds me just how precious time is! They certainly don’t stay this small for long do they! I think i took this photo of L just after his feed because he was being a wingy bum, and not long before he had a nasty poop explosion which required a full outfit change!

Peacock, wild and free, these were actually not enclosed

The peacock, if i remember correctly these were actually allowed to roam completely free around the zoo. This particular peacock had a right attitude and kept running toward people and trying to steal there food, dont even get me started on the seaguls, they were leathal haha!

Sealion display, which i never got to see as it was very busy

Such a shame, i never got to watch the sealion display, it was such a hot, overcrowded day, it was difficult to even get round, so we were forced to stand on the outside and try and tip toe to see over the wall – yeah wasn’t amazing but got this snap at the end!

The depressed Zebra, well he looked it anyway

I call it the depressed zebra because to be quite frank, he did look depressed. It does make you think, well they are in captivity and its kinda cruel. So maybe we shouldn’t be supporting zoo’s and just petitioning to set all zoo animals free? Hmm i know some are kept in captivity for many reasons but others perhaps just for human amusement? What do you think?

My favourite photo which I took!

I love this picture i took, i forgot the name of the monkey, if you know let me know in the comments below. They were so cute, and this one actually looked at my camera lens which i obviously thanked him for, i think i remember saying to my mum, “I’m the animal whisperer” lol

The tigers, just after feeding time

The Tigers, had to be my favourite part of the zoo experience. I love tigers, lions and red pandas?! Sadly i couldn’t really get close enough to the enclosure to take some decent pics as again, was very overcrowded and busy!

The nosey Orangutan, reminded me of Planet of the Apes!

My mum’s favourite, the Orangutan, I couldn’t figure out if the glass was only a 1 way mirror type thing, where we could see them but they couldn’t see us. I say this because they werent really looking at anyone, just reacting to noises. Hmm

The baby giraffe! Yes baby!

Aww aren’t Giraff’s just adorable, even as baby’s they look ginormous! There were a few random gazelles? I think they were aswell in the enclosure.

What are your favourite attractions when visiting the zoo? Do you have a favourite zoo?


Until tomorrow’s blog post (Prompt is Facebook) – cya x



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  1. We live near Blackpool and my mum is a member – we’ve only been once with the kids though. I have mixed feelings about zoos too but I think it is good for the little ones to be able to see the animals in real life. #blogtober

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