#BepanthenProtects Challenge #ad

#BepanthenProtects Challenge #ad

This post is an entry for the #BepanthenProtects Challenge, sponsored by Bepanthen and BritMums. Learn more about how to protect baby’s sensitive skin on https://www.bepanthen.co.uk.

I’ve been given the opportunity to test out Bepanthen for 2 weeks and write about my thoughts for the product. All opinions are my own, this is not a paid for post!

Did you know Bepanthen is also recommended by tattoo artists to help and maintain the moisture in a new tattoo?

I’m gonna be straight up honest here and say I didn’t use it everyday or at every nappy change because quite frankly that’s a bit unrealistic and not necessary in my opinion, especially if you’re busy and forget to bring the Bepanthen down with you from the windowsill after your mid way changing a poop explosion.

I use Bepanthen mainly after bath times, as I know my baby is as clean as can be and then I apply the nappy cream before his nappy goes on for the night. It is a really great nappy rash cure in my opinion, though it does state it’s to prevent the onset of them getting nappy rash but sometimes it does happen and you can rest assured knowing Bepanthen have your back!

There have been days where sully has gone a longer time than usual in a poopy nappy and I do feel guilty for that but the reason is I can’t smell it, so I have to rely on checking his bum constantly to see if he’s pooed, sometimes I can’t just check in the middle of a food shop or if we’re all eating or out in the car..but Bepanthen is like a little moist barrier of heaven and it saves there little red chapped skin and brings it back to life.

So this stuff is definitely a must for any parent, but I can see it being much more beneficial for newborns as we all know they constantly poop, and that meconium stuff after they’re born is a nightmare and you will feel like washing your hands several times after changing them nappies.

I have noticed that using other cheaper brands of barrier protection creams aren’t as affective, I think that’s mostly down to the consistency as Bepanthen is rather thick and I want to say oily so a little goes a long way.

My verdict

Bepanthen is great! And I am grateful for the opportunity to test this out on my son.

The box that the Bepanthen arrived in was also a hit with my 2 boys, especially the book, drive me nuts how many times they pressed that darn button.

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