Baby Sensory – Fun for babies!

Baby Sensory – Fun for babies!

On Wednesday Chatterbox wasn’t on due to staff training, so I thought I’d take Logan along to the resource centre to find out what this Sensory room/play is all about. It was amazing, was so quiet and peaceful i could honestly fall asleep in there, the best part about being in the sensory room was that we had the room to ourselves because there were other mummies with the older kids in another room playing with playdoh and in the ball pit.

As you can see below, Logan was absolutely obsessed with this colour changing fish tank. When we first put him down on the floor, this was the first object that took his attention, he’s such an animal lover like his mummy! 😉

There was quite a lot to do in the Sensory room too, another of his favourites was sitting among the fibre optic sensory lighting (I honestly want some for his bedroom, i think it would be so cool!) There was also a projector running on the ceiling which displayed different images like planets and space, pretty cool, though Logan didn’t pay any attention to that, he was too busy knawing on the lights!

The next set of objects that were in this sensory room were mainly sound/pressure activated so whenever a child pressed on of the 4 colour pads on the floor, something new would happen like colours changing or different noise was emitted.

And the last object is sound activated so your child could clap, sing or even cry and it would react by increasing in colour, it’s all very clever technology and Logan absolutely loved it here, with it being his first time as well. I shall definitely bring him back, and the best thing it was totally FREE, as funded by the Wrexham Council!

So if you have any Baby sensory play centres near you, then I highly suggest you go take a visit as it can be so good for your baby’s sensory development, and even better for children with autism or other needs.

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