Animal Crossing New Leaf * Review

Animal Crossing New Leaf * Review

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My thoughts on the 3DS game Animal Crossing New Leaf

When I first saw the trailer Animal crossing new leaf game back in 2013, I was so excited and I knew I wanted this game in my life!

When I first brought the game home and loaded up my brand new 3DS XL, the start-up process to the game is unlike any other I have played, as you get to choose your gender based on what answer you pick, “Cute Name” if you’re a girl and “Cool name” if you’re a boy, then once you arrive at your newly named town as the official mayor, I remember calling my first town after a region in Pokémon, “Kanto” I love the fact you get to name the town makes it feel more personal and enjoyable.

The in-game currency is called Bells, and they’re quite easy to come across in the first 10 minutes of playing the game as you can shake trees and sell your town’s native fruit for a few hundred bells each, before you know it you’ve paid off your first ever house loan to Mr Tom Nook (Who is adorable by the way), along with his rumoured nephews Timothy and Tommy nook who help run the town’s shop (The breed of these cute creatures are known as Tanuki).

Along the way you meet all your towns villagers who might stay with you until the end or move out, either way new villagers move in and its always exciting to see who it’s going to be and whether he/she is going to be one of the so-called rare characters “personality”, as each villager has its own personality, these are as follows:
1.     Jock
2.     Cranky
3.     Normal
4.     Peppy
5.     Lazy
6.     Smug
7.     Snooty

You can ask my partner I was playing New leaf non-stop for a good few months until I maxed out all my rooms in the house and reached the highest level I could in happy homes academy, got a ton of trophies from bug tournaments, but as time goes on you start to wonder, what can I do next? Since I feel I have completed all the goals, however, I was wrong there is still a lot more to the game, there is an island which you can visit with your friends and collect fish, bugs and other glorious sea creatures, if you’re lucky enough to stay up until 11 pm you can catch the MAGNIFICENT giant stag beetle which can bring big bells!

Overall Rating 10/10

“Prepare to lose yourself in this charming world” (◕‿-) IGN

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