Amber Pumpkin – teething anklet review and giveaway!

Amber Pumpkin – teething anklet review and giveaway!

-All opinions and thoughts of this product and company are my own –

When I first heard about Amber and it’s properties for helping with teething, I was a bit sceptical as I thought it was just a way to make money of desperate parents of teething babies, but having had this amber teething anklet on Sullivan for about 2 weeks now, I can honestly say IT WORKS!

I’ve contacted Amber Pumpkin prior to this giveaway and this is what they had to say about their company and the products they offer:

“Amber Pumpkin Limited is one of the UK’s largest and most trusted online retailers specialising in childrens amber necklaces. adult amber jewellery, organic creams and oils, teething toys. Established for nearly 10 years and over 6000 5 star reviews Amber Pumpkin prides itself on offering excellent customer service and the best products at great prices.”

When I opened the parcel the Amber anklets came in, I was very pleasantly surprised by how cute the packaging was, the sizes I had ordered for Sully was 1 in their smallest of 13cm and then another which was slightly bigger to accommodate for his growing legs. And they both fit perfectly, but my only disappointment is the smallest size really didn’t last long on Sully’s ankle, but I then had the bright idea to put it on his wrist and it fits perfectly.

The shipping time from when I placed my order to receiving the amber anklet was really speedy and I didn’t have to wait long at all, upon opening the parcel there was some promotional card and a code for 10% a next order which you can find at the end of this blog post.

When my eldest started teething I honestly had never heard of Amber as a form of teething relief in babies, I’d always used the teething gels and liquids. But since I’ve had my second son, Amber is definitely more known and I couldn’t wait to try it out to see if it actually worked, and to be honest, a week after sully wearing the Amber he has been more settled and less cranky, just more dribbly which I can cope with, compared to the crying which I entailed before.

baby wearing amber

It is a shame that the anklets aren’t expandable, but if you wanted to turn these into a necklace you could screw the anklet and the bracelet together, but It’d depend on the size of your babies neck, so don’t take my word for it but you can check Amber Pumpkin’s Facebook page and Twitter for tips and info on their products.

I wasn’t sure how exactly Amber worked until I did some research and this is what it says;

“Baltic amber contains a “natural analgesic” called succinic acid. When a baby wears the necklace, his or her body heat then releases this magical chemical from the gemstone and gets absorbed into the skin, thereby easing their pain”.

According to other peoples opinions, “When choosing an amber necklace, beads that are “raw” or “unpolished,” lemon in colour are more effective for teething pain relief.” Personally, I have the polished version in the lemon and mixed colours and both seem to be doing the trick.

Myself and Amber Pumpkin have teamed up to give you wonderful people the chance to win a £10 Voucher for you to spend on their website, all you have to do is meet the requirements in the rafflecopter competition below, don’t forget to share it out on your social media, tell your friends, maybe, expectant new mums, the competition is going to be open for 2 weeks so plenty of time!

I will be announcing the winner over on my facebook page and twitter so make sure you’re following me over on there to be notified of when the winner is announced!

Good luck -x-

Enter now for your chance to win this amazing prize of a £10 voucher for you to spend at Amber Pumpkin.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To get your hands on one of these anklets, or any of the Amber Pumpkin range, then follow this link and you’ll also be able get 10% off.

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  1. I would live to win as my baby has started teething. Ive heatd about the bracelets but never tried so would love to see if it works on her.

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