A very honest blog post about blogging

A very honest blog post about blogging

In today’s post, I want to share my thoughts that I have sometimes when I am blogging and how I feel after I have published a blog post.

I have been blogging now for 10 months and I know that the past couple of months haven’t been great for me blogging wise, either something has come which has prevented me from getting any content out or I just haven’t had any ideas for what to publish, as I don’t want to just put out rubbish because who wants to read about what time I get out of the shower and when I watch This morning, no one I bet.

I’m not writing this to get sympathy or anything like that, and please criticize me if you think I can improve my blogging in anyway, because honesty I think I could do with some constructive criticism on my blogging and writing skills.

It gets me so frustrated when I know I can make money from my blog, and the fact I’m not putting myself out there enough really annoys me I just suck at tooting my own trumpet, I love writing and sharing stories, but honestly I’ve learnt that to make it to the top you can’t just write about your daily life you need to be where the people are and write about stuff that the people in your niche are going to want to read, like how to’s and recipe ideas, people want answers not questions.

These are the current things that really annoy me about blogging:

Blog monetization

          Being a WordPress user for quite a while I still haven’t figured out how to monetize my blog with google AdSense, got knows I have tried to link it up but there are always hiccups and silly reasons why it can’t be linked.

SEO and Da scores

          Yes this is another thing I need to worry about before and after I publish a post because if I don’t Google won’t like me and therefore I won’t rank very highly in search engines. And don’t even get me started on DA, because to be honest I don’t really know what it is, and why it is even needed. I just wish blogging was a bit less stressful sometimes.

Blog themes

          This is a funny one because I thought I would really enjoy customising my theme and editing fonts etc but in reality the best bloggers don’t have free WordPress themes.

Scheduling posts

          This one annoys me because I always forget to schedule and I never ever seem to write posts in advance because I’m such an impatient person and waiting for a blog post to go live, to me is like waiting for Christmas morning, just drags and I’d be much happier pressing the publish button.

Enough of me ranting about how much blogging annoys me (sometimes) i’m going to be sharing with you how I plan on changing and making myself a much more productive person when it comes to blogging.

  1. Get a notepad – write down ideas for potenial blog posts and check to see what other blogers in my niche are writing about and see what’s trending
  2. Promote myself a bit better – as I really dont like blowing my own trumpet as im very much an interovert and stuff like that just makes me feel a bit silly and big headed.
  3. Start making money online –  this would help me massively with my financial situation and lets be honest we’re not all just here for fun, i’m serious about blogging and i know it wont happen overnight but I should really figure this google adsense thing out and maybe get the chance to do some sponsored stuff. 
  4. Plan to write 3 blog posts a week under different topics/tags, say parenting, something geeky, and then something random – and then there’s the weekly link ups like Living arrows!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my post.



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