A typical day in the life of 2 under 2

A typical day in the life of 2 under 2

Before I begin I want to apologise for my recent absence from the blog, but as you can imagine going from one stable situation to giving birth and being a single mummy to 2 under 2, is quite a lot to take in over such a short space of time.

But don’t fear I’m

back now, and hopefully better and stronger than ever.

My typical day starts at about 5.30/ 6 am when Sully would usually wake up for a bottle, he’s currently taking about 6 ounces and then he’s straight back off to sleep until around 8 am. Logan usually wakes up anywhere between 6/7 am which I’m not complaining about as it’s a marked improvement on the 4.30/ 5 am wake up calls.

I’m usually still in bed at this point unless there’s somewhere I have to be or am expecting a parcel to be delivered, I don’t tend to rush getting downstairs, as my bed is super comfy ha-ha, Logan has toys in his bedroom so I’ll tell him to go play while I check through my social media, listen to some music or just slowly drag my arse out of bed.

Once I’m up I’ll get the boys changed and dressed for the day, but with sully he’ll just stay in his sleepsuit as why dress them in jeans, shirts and shoes at this age, just let them be babies and comfy for as long as possible. My typical daily outfit is a pair of black leggings and a t-shirt or on warmer days it’ll be a pair of black tights, jean shorts and a t-shirt.

When downstairs, I’ll pop on the kids TV, make Logan a drink and get him something to eat (he’s not a massive breakfast person so he’ll have some fruit, raisins, dry cereal or on occasion some toast with cheese spread) but we are going through a really fussy eating stage with him at the moment. I also find if I tend to Logan’s needs first, there is less chance for him to have a tantrum and kick up a fuss, but decoding what it is he wants half the time is the battle, as he can’t really say what he wants, though his speech is improving every day, I just really want to take his dummies away but then he screams and tantrums for ages until I get him one, so if anyone has any advice for taking the dummy away I’ll be grateful, I definitely want it gone by September when he starts flying start.

Logan’s sulky face

On a day where I’ve got no plans, I’ll do all the work around the house that needs to be done, make sure the boys are happy, fed and changed, put away toys for the millionth time that Logi gets out but never seems to play with for more than 5 minutes. Sullivan is such a dream baby, I hardly hear him except when he is over hungry and I’ve missed the ques, usually when I’m dealing with Logan, so in that respect it is difficult juggling the needs of both but somehow I just get on with it and everything is ok in the end, just need to remember that you can’t be everywhere at once and a few tears are ok.

Around 11 am Logan will have his only nap of the day and that lasts around half an hour to an hour, then when he wakes up I’ll get him some lunch, again what he has and what he actually consumes is another story, sometimes it’ll be some wotsits a sandwich and a bit of fruit but half the time he just snacks on stuff throughout the day, he won’t just sit and eat without getting bored.

Sully has about 6 ounces every 2/3 hours during the day and at night he has 6 ounces but not so often and he does sleep straight through other than that dream feed at about 11 pm.

Kids tv usually consists of back to back Peppa pig episodes with some cbeebies in the morning, before we moved house it was cbeebies all day but now I’m paying for sky he loves to watch Peppa, and is obsessed dinosaurs and cars. For tea, I’ll cook Logan something like pasta, noodles, chips, with either sausage or nuggets, but his fave is mummy’s homemade food, he loves peperami too!

While Logan and sully are sleeping I’ll use that opportunity to do my hair, put my concealer on and make myself look a little more presentable, if I was lucky enough to wake up not looking like I’d done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson then I’ll just watch this morning, Jeremy Kyle or just chill and listen to my music, and catch up with friends on social media.

After tea, Logan has a bath every night of the week apart from on Saturday’s and Sully will share the bath every other night, then we’ll come back downstairs, watch the cbeebies bedtime hour and then without fail Logan goes straight to bed after in the night garden, with his milk. I actually took the side down from his cot yesterday and put new bedding on which he loves as you can tell from this picture.























If you’d like a boys bedroom tour then let me know 🙂

well that’s about it really, if you’d like a day in the life with 2 under 2  – getting out and about then let me know 🙂



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8 thoughts on “A typical day in the life of 2 under 2

  1. You are doing Great! Like Logans bedroom and now he is big boy his bed with no side! Lets have a trip round the new house, it looks really nice from what you have shown so far.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂 xxx

  2. 2 under 2 must be tough. I had 2 years between mine manage and life moves on. Tip for a dummy: I cut a small hole in the teat so that the suck is gone and therefore the pleasure they get from it. This worked for us and other children I have looked after. I would keep a back up for those middle of the night tantrums though! Or you could try the dummy fairy? He may be a little young for that though. Good luck. There is no rush. Xx #KCACOLS

  3. Ah bless em. Sounds very similar to our days although we attend a few classes and G goes to preschool now. We try and do lots of puzzles and crafts now he’s older and feeling more creative. You are doing an amazing job with two by yourself. Huge respect to you. Us mama’s just keep going don’t we, we don’t have a choice.


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