8 month old activity ideas

8 month old activity ideas

Hold up, wait is my son actually 8 months old already? I can’t quite believe it. If you’re stuck for ideas on what fun activities to do with your 8 months old then this post is for you.
This probably the most common form of activity used in this household, just because it gives me the opportunity to read to Logan and for him to absorb all these different words and phrases. And I’m a strong believer than reading to your baby develops their own speech and language, so what have you got to lose? Singing is another fun thing I like to do, Logan’s favourite song is actually a nursery rhyme called “Row Your Boat”, shortly followed by “Round and Round the Garden”.

Interactive toys/games
Logan loves his musical beats drum by bright starts which we actually received with his Sassybloom box. You could also play different games with your babies, if they can crawl then getting them to follow you is a fun activity and it tires them out too. You could even turn off the lights and let him have some sensory fun with glow sticks! (This is another of my personal faves!) Lego is a great one too because you can build towers and let them knock it over – endless fun! Though Logan prefers to just put the Lego in his mouth.

Food fun!
This is where it starts getting very messy! Lay a sheet of plastic or large table cloth on the floor or under high chair and let them go wild, either with cooked pasta, or any food really which your little one can eat but it makes great sensory fun for them too as they explore all the different textures and tastes.

pasta fun
Bath time/Water fun
I don’t know about your little ones, but Logan absolutely loves having a bath. But to make it even more fun what we do is put these colourful balls like what you find in those soft play centres/ball pools and that’s great fun too, or little ducks will suffice.

A basket of fun stuff

Now you’re probably wondering what on earth I’m going on about, but believe me your little one will love this! And it won’t cost you a penny! Simply fill basket or tub with random, safe household objects which they can explore, for example; A wooden spoon, a cooking pan for them to make some noise with, and perhaps a rolling pin and some clothes pegs.

Homemade “bottle” shaker

This one is another of my personal favourites because it’s very cost effective and easy to do:

  • drink a bottle of whatever it is you like to drink
  • wash it out and peel off the label
  • Now just add whatever it is you like inside the bottle, glitter, broken pieces of pasta shells.

Hope this gave you some ideas of the fun things you can do with your little ones!

Let me know if you try any of these and what fun things do you like to do with your babies?

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