5 Things I love about Spring

5 Things I love about Spring

Today I thought I would share with you, my top 5 things that i bloody love about Spring time, and all the fun and adventure that goes along with it. I hope you can relate to these 5 pointers, let me know if you have a favourite thing you love about Spring too!

1. The lighter evenings

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love it when the lighter evenings start to make an appearance, not only because summer is right around the corner but it means more things to do and being able to go for more evening strolls too without it being freezing cold!

2. Not too hot, not too cold

Spring is an awesome season, because it’s just at the right temperature when you’re not sweltering and feeling like a tomato stuck in a greenhouse, and you’re not getting frost bite. It’s like the goldilocks of all seasons as it’s not too hot but it’s not too cold!

3. No more winter coats

I’m sure this one is a unanimous favourite but I love not having to wear big bulky coats and gloves, and about 5 different layers, with 2 pairs of socks on with all them other layers etc, not having to worry if your baby is too cold. Not to mention the money saved on heating bills! (WIN)

4. Flowers blooming

I love Spring as it marks the arrival of all the beautiful flowers, I know I can’t smell them but I can appreciate all the lovely colours and how much better your garden looks with colour, rather than having a leafless tree, it’s so depressing and lifeless. I love waking up, looking out the window and greeted by a daffodil or 2.

Springtime flowers

5. More outdoor fun

Another thing I love about Springtime is the fact you get to spend more time outside and having more fun outdoors too. You can play in the garden, ok ok it’s not exactly paddling pool weather but I for one can’t wait until the days me, rob and Logan can chill outside playing some ball games or playing with bubbles (everyone loves bubbles!) Spring also means you can be a bit more adventurous and visit more places, and play in the Park without the worry of freezing your tits off while your children go off and play.


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