20 things I have learnt about being a father ft One hull of a dad

20 things I have learnt about being a father ft One hull of a dad

I always value the honesty of dad bloggers, but I’ll be honest I didn’t think there were many of them but Twitter can open your eyes to a whole world of daddy bloggers and the majority are stay at home dads (SAHD). I asked Rich at one hull of a dad if he wanted to write a guest post on my blog. So i gave him the freedom to write whatever he wanted. (brave i know :P)

That’s enough from me, take it away Rich.

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Hi, my name is Rich and I blog over at One Hull of a Dad. Maria asked me if I would like to guest post on her site and I jumped at the chance. I have only been blogging since July so to feature on somebody else’s blog is a great honour. Thanks Maria.

My post today is about things I have learnt as a dad. I became a dad 5 years ago to a little boy who we called Joseph. 16 months ago we had our second child, we hoped for a girl and that is what we had, Alice was the newest member of our family. I always wanted children but when it got closer to the time in our lives where my wife and I thought we should start trying for a baby I wasn’t sure if I didn’t want more time to drink beer and eat pizza.

Fast forward 5 years and I am sat here on a snowy evening writing this post to tell you the things I have learnt about having children. Here goes…

  1. Everyone tells you how your child should be parented. Everyone. Don’t listen to them, it’s your child and you will know what’s best
  2. There is nothing scarier than being left alone with the baby for the 1st time. Apart from the drive home from the hospital. That will be the most careful you have ever been when driving.
  3. You can’t stop looking at them, even when there asleep. Thankfully they can’t talk as you would have some questions to answer when they wake up and you’re stood over them just staring.
  4. Shit can and does get in the hair
  5. If your child has a dummy make sure you buy 700 of them. You will then get to the end of the week before you need to buy more.
  6. You think your poo smells bad, wait until you smell your daughters. Dirty girl!
  7. Random old people will come up to you and talk to you when you’re out and about. They also think it’s acceptable to touch your child.
  8. It is acceptable to tell someone to shut the f**k up when they look at you, tut and roll their eyes when your child is having a meltdown in a public place.
  9. It is possible to have 12 shits in an hour (the child, not you)
  10. You’ll never get to watch a football match on Sky again
  11. You will get to watch Peppa pig 306 times a day though
  12. You have a new found respect for other parents whose children are “acting up”
  13. It is a great feeling when your child takes their first steps
  14. Rubbing Vicks vapour rub on your childs feet when they have a cold helps them
  15. Looking after kids is hard, if you’re not a SAHD then be thankful. I salute those SAHD and SAHM, I couldn’t do it.
  16. Your child will tell you that they hate you, and then ask you for some sweets.
  17. It is actually hilarious when your 16-month-old laughs at her own farts
  18. You cannot feel more proud than when you get a great parents evening report for your child
  19. If you have two children, seeing the love they have for each other melts your heart.
  20. There is nothing better than having children in your life, well maybe having £10 million in the bank.
adorable babies
My 2 beautiful children

There you have it, that’s my list of 20 things that I have learnt since having children. I have learnt more don’t worry. Thanks again Maria for letting me guest post on your blog.



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