12 week pregnancy update and scan!

12 week pregnancy update and scan!

Today I want to update you all on my pregnancy, it’s still crazy that there’s another little tiny human growing inside my stomach, and just how incredible the human body is and how it knows what to do.

I went for my 12 week scan on Friday and according to the sonographer I was 12 weeks and 6 days along, so my new estimated due date is the 30th of December, I can’t wait now for my 20 week/Gender scan, I will be doing a surprise gender reveal video over on my YouTube channel so if you’re not already subscribed go ahead and give us a wave, it’ll be lovely to see you there.

Everything went really well at my scan, the baby was very wriggly and active which was good, was so sweet and to think we will be meeting him or her in 28 or so weeks, it’s insane (BRING ON THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS -.-) No, but seriously I am so excited, we already have some names picked out which I won’t be revealing until the baby is here, sorry, but some things need to stay secret.

Symptoms wise, I’ve still been pretty lucky this time around, I’ve had hardly any, some days I forget I’m pregnant, other than the sore boobs and occasional craving or hunger pane its going really well and I feel super lucky.

In terms of gender, I don’t mind either way, if it’s a boy it’ll be easier as we have all of Logan’s clothes and everything to pass down but if it’s a girl, it’ll just be nice to have one of each as that seems to be every couples dream, deep down I have a feeling maybe it is girl just because of how different this pregnancy is and how different the scan picture looks compared to Logan’s 12 week scan.

Please do let me know what you think I might be having and why 🙂  It’ll be interesting to hear all your different opinions

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