The lovely Nicola tagged me in this a couple weeks ago, which makes me happy because I love a good tag! Plus it gives me something to write about, so here we go.

  1. Family time
    1. This one is pretty obvious but I love spending time with my little family, and soon to be a family of 4, which i’m super excited about.
  2. Logan’s laugh/smile
    1. There is nothing better than hearing your children laughing, Its so infectious and he certainly grabs everyones attention whenever he laughs or smiles.
  3. A nice warm bubble bath
    1. Now this is one of my faves, i love a good hot bath, with bubbles and if i’m lucky a bath bomb, I definitely prefer baths to showers, unless its a hot, humid day.
  4. Being creative
    1. I have always been a creative soul, and it makes me happy to be so, Whether thats making youtube vides, blogging or even adult colouring books (PG rated ofcourse ;P)
  5. My mum’s Sunday roasts!
    1. MMM nothing beats a nice home cooked lamb roast dinner at me mums, i admit it can get a bit caotic if Ellis is running around screaming but other than that its lovely to spend time with my mum. (Especially since i moved out of the family home about 3 and half years ago)
  6. Long sunny days!
    1.  Yep, im a summer gal, i love long summer days and warm summer nights, it just makes me happy, and lifts my mood for the entire day
  7. Looking back at old photographs!
    1. I love looking back at old photos, especially when visiting my nana doras, and she gets out the old family photos of me, and my brothers as tiny humans, yes it makes me smile 🙂
  8. Evening strolls with Logan and Rob around the block
    1. This makes me happy because it gets us out of the house for half an hour or two and because, well i just love family walks.
  9. Winning something in a competition
    1. Even if i never seem to win anything, it sure does feel good to win! 🙂
  10. Eating my own home cooked meals
    1. Similary to number 5, i love eating my own meals, not bragging or anything, im not saying im a great cook but i’ll admit its not very often i do make a  meal from scratch, its usually pre packaged or frozen


Who wouldn’t be happy if they woke up to this face every day! 🙂

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